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Digging Sedgeford - A People's Archaeology

  1. Aspect 1: SHARP links & videos
  2. Activity 2: Map overlays

Aspect 1: SHARP links & videos

The book 'Digging Sedgeford - A people's archaeology' concentrates on the first 12 years of the dig and introduces the years since.

To follow the Blog with the latest information, including finds from the current year, go to the SHARP web page. It doesn't give you long-term analysis of the work undertaken on the dig but it does give you a flavour of what has gone on in the present year. Look along the line of buttons near the top of the page and you'll see the 'Blog' option.

It also gives you the chance to see what's planned for the future and to join the dig if you wish to take matters further. For the present the references are to the 2014 year which has just concluded but information for 2015 will be added when appropriate.