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Featured Titles from Malthouse Press

We're delighted to be able to add to our selection a range of titles from Malthouse Press. Just as with our own Poppyland Publishing books, Malthouse focuses on the East Anglian counties of Norfolk and Suffolk and brings you carefully researched history and biographies from the region.

Boudica to Raedwald - East Anglia's Relations with Rome

Boudica and Raedwald are two of the dominant characters in the early history of East Anglia, the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. What do we know about them and about the thread of continuity that links them? How close did Boudica come to driving the Roman army out of Britain in AD61? What influence did four centuries of Roman rule have on Raedwald and whose grave ship at Sutton Hoo contained such fabulous treasures?

In seeking answers to these questions, John Fairclough examines the discoveries of archaeologists over the past hundred years. Click the shopping basket below to order your copy of Boudica to Raedwald - East Anglia's Relations to Rome online, or ask at your local bookshop.

Book   John Fairclough     ISBN 9780953968039     £24.95     Add this item to your basket

Ships & Shipyards of Ipswich 1700-1970

As long ago as 1294 the shipwrights of Ipswich were building a galley for the King's navy, and the town on the Orwell continued to be a leading ship-building centre until the 20th century. Schooners, brigs, ketches and the great Indiamen were amongst the vessesls built over the years. The author opens a window on a significant part of the town's history.
Hugh Moffat's ancestors include several Ipswich mariners, so it need occasion no surprise that a maritime interest began to grow when he was in his teens. This book makes a major contribution to the maritime history of an anceint east coast port.
Book   Hugh Moffat     ISBN 0953968006     £17.95     Add this item to your basket

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Boudica to Raedwald - East Anglia's Relations with Rome
Ships & Shipyards of Ipswich 1700-1970
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