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  1. Aspect 1: GIS Overlays
  2. Aspect 2: Railway & Road

Aspect 1: GIS Overlays

The book 'Roads and Tracks' uses archaeological and historical evidence to tell us about the routes around the county of Norfolk over the centuries. Here we've plotted some of the information from the book onto a map and satellite image of the county, using a GIS (Geographical Information System). This will enable you to see more detail about where the routes used to run in comparison to today's landscape.

The map shows photographs of places and features of interest from around the county. Some are as featured in the book and some are supplementary to the information given in the book. By clicking on the symbols you can bring up a photograph of the place and further information.

In addition, the map allows you to show other data overlaid on the modern street map or the satellite image. Clicking on the button labelled 'Turnpike' to show Norfolk's turnpike roads of the 18th and 19th century.

Click on a marker on the map below to see information about the place and a photograph.

Click on the menu options at the top right of the map to see different aspects of the mapping.