Roads and Tracks

Roads and Tracks is a book about the routes across Norfolk, from the iron age to the present day.

The activity sheets are resources to add to the material contained in the book.

Aspect 1: GIS Overlays

The book Roads and Tracks comes with a fold-out map showing the roads of the county, cross-indexed to the text in the book. Today we can use IS (Geographical Information System) techniques on the computer to cross-reference or index material together and allow users to experiment with the display of material.

This activity marks on a map of Norfolk some of the places mentioned in the book and allows you to call up more data. It also allows line data with historic infomation to be plotted on top of modern mapping.

Aspect 2: Railway & Road

The section from page 76 to 88 of Roads and Tracks deals with the way the coming of the railway sometimes changed or even caused a road to cease to exist. This activity page uses part of William Faden's map of 1797, overlaying it over a modern satellite image, to allow differences between then and now to be seen.