New Buckenham: a planned town at work 1530 - 1780
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Exploring the Norfolk Village

Exploring the Norfolk Village

Exploring the Norfolk Village takes a selection of villages across the county of Norfolk, from Terrington in the west to Hickling in the east, from the southern border of Breckland to the exposed coastlands, to explain some of the ways in which we can understand the development of Norfolk's villages. In focussing on particular villages, each one represents a different area of the county, and every other village will share common features with at least one of those featured in the book.

The use of current and historical maps, the investigation of documents in local libraries or the Norfolk Record Office, the techniques of field walking or of more formal archaeological digging, are all illustrated in the pages of the book. Everyone with the slightest history in developing their understanding of their community, its history and its geography, will find this book the very best of starting places.

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