The Norfolk Long Distance Trail
The Peddars Way and The Coast Path

Walking the Norfolk Long Distance Trail is the generic sub-title of the two books The Peddars Way and The Coast Past

The whole trail is some 93 miles - a bit more if you divert back into Hunstanton when moving from one section to the other. It is made up of two sections. The first, the Peddars Way, is an ancient trackway running from south-west Norfolk up to the coast. The second, the Norfolk Coast Path, is made up of relatively modern tracks, mostly following the coastline of north-west and north Norfolk.

The two books are based around photographs taken by Mike Robinson, and the text has been provided by his father, Bruce Robinson. Bruce, formerly a staff writer with the Eastern Daily Press, first walked the Peddars Way in 1973 and played an important part in the establishment of it and the Norfolk Coast Path. You can hear some brief comments from Bruce and Mike in the short video you'll find in the right hand column of a number of pages on the site.

In parallel with the two books, you can use these 'Support and Activity' pages with the latest web technology to extend the scope of the book.

Aspect 1: Interactive Mapping

In the past few years we have all begun to be acquainted with the methods of GIS - Geographical Information Systems. Today the world is surrounded by a network of 23 satellites enabling sailors, motorists and even walkers to use 'plotters' to establish their position. Alongside this information, major interactive mapping systems can be used to plot data to maps.

The Google mapping system offers both maps and satellite imagery to which information can be plotted. Activity sheet 1 gives a simple example of text and pictures plotted to a Google map, and shows the basic route and distances of the Norfolk Long Distance Trail.