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Exploring Paston Country

  1. Aspect 1: Paston Performances

Aspect 1: Paston Performances

The book Exploring Paston Country has been produced in association with the Paston Heritage Society. One of the Society's activities is to provide events in and around Paston and partiuclarly at St Margaret's church.

This page enables you to enjoy a little of one event. In October 2008, the Society presented an evening of traditional music and readings from the Paston Letters.

On page 14 of the book of the book there is a short piece about traditional Norfolk valentines - and here you can hear one which is preserved amongst the Paston letters, from Margery Brews to John Paston III. We've simply called it VIDEO12; click to see and hear it.

Page 21 tells you just a little of the story of what was found hidden behind the organ when it was moved to the other side of the church in the 1920s. A bundle of parish papers, dating back to the time of the Paston family, were found in what was once the entrance for the stairs to the rood screen. Amongst them was the very first parish register of births and deaths and wrapped around it, being used for a cover, were the words and music of part of an antiphon - a song which would have been sung in the church in those times. Only one section remains, using words from the book of Judith, from what we call the Apochrypha. At the October celebration, it was sung in the church for perhaps the first time in 500 years. To hear it, click VIDEO13.