Exploring Paston Country

Exploring Paston Country is a book which introduces you to the Paston family, prominent land owners in Norfolk from the 14th to the 17th centuries. The book not only tells you something of the story of the family but also guides you to places around the country that you can visit in the 21st century, to enoy and understand the heritage that they left.

We'lve just begun adding here some supplementary pages to go alongside the book, that we hope will extend its interest.

The book has been produced in association with the Paston Heritage Society; you'll find more information about the activities of the Society by clicking on their name.

You can also visit the web site of Argus Productions to find DVDs associated with the Paston family and their lands.

Aspect 1: Paston Performances This activity page enables you to see and hear extracts from music and readings presented by the Paston Heritage Society.