Norfolk Maritime Heroes and Legends

Norfolk Maritime Heroes and Legends has twenty six chapters and many pictures about men from the county who becamse famous through their exploits at sea. These activity pages will help you explore more about their lives and exploits.

Some of the activity sheets linked from this page will be best used for school use, and some for higher level use - we hope you find them of interest.

Aspect 1: Places to visit

The book gives some information and pictures of places in Norfolk and north-east Suffolk associated with the people in the book. Some of the places, such as the museums, will make for half a day or a days visit and will have lots more information. Others are simply places to go and view, sometimes just in passing. clicking on the map markers on the page will bring up more information.

Aspect 2: Log of the Leviathan

One of the chapters in Norfolk Maritime Heroes and Legends is about men who serves with Admiral Horatio Nelson at his last great battle, the Battle of Trafalgar. HMS Leviathan took part in the battle and several Norfolk men were on board. On this page you can see the ship's log for most of 1805. It's linked to a modern mapping system, so you can see where they sailed in pursuit of the enemy and you can read daily events on the ship.