Activity 1: Hear the Pronunciation

Author Peter Trudgill presents a number of examples from the chapter 'The Pronunciation of the Norfolk Dialect',
which starts on page 70.



Section 1 The short e vowel p.71
Section 2 The short 0 vowel p.72
Section 3 The NURSE vowel pp.72-74
Section 4 days vs daze pp.75-76
Section 5 nose vs knows p.77
Section 6 The East Anglian short o p.78
Section 7 Yod-dropping p.78
Section 8 Words spelt with oo pp.79-80
Section 9 here vs hair pp.80-81
Section 10 sure and pure p.81
Section 11 off and cloth p.81
Section 12 Shwa p.82
Section 13 Smoothing p.83


Section 3 d as t p.84
Section 4 Glottal stops pp.84-85
Section 5 Clear l p.85
Section 6 thr and shr p.86
Section 7 glass and class p.86
Section 8 Individual words pp.86-87


Placenames pp.88-90

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