Nelson - I am myself a Norfolk man

Nelson - I am myself a Norfolk man is a book with a focus on Nelson's family in Norfolk, his life in Norfolk and his continuing connections in the county. It visits Burnham Thorpe and the valley of the river Burn, and Nelson's visits to the sea as a child, his time at school in Norwich and at the Paston School in North Walsham. It recounts his six years spent back in Norfolk whilst waiting for a ship and his later visits to Great Yarmouth on active service.

Aspect 1: Nelson's Crew at Trafalgar

This section illustrates some results from data analysis of the crew of Nelson's ship "Victory" at the battle of Trafalgar. It shows how crews of naval vessels could be made up of men of many different nationalities. It shows how the use of modern computer data analysis can give us pictures from history. and provides a further historical database which can be downloaded for exploration.

Aspect 2: Trafalgar - The American Crew

This resource follows on from Aspect 1, and lists all the crew of the "Victory" at Trafalgar that gave their country of origin as the United States of America.

It can lead to a number of other uses of the computer for investigating history. For instance, if one of your family names is the same as one of the names on the list, perhaps you had an ancestor who fought at the battle. If so, how would you set about investigating further? One of the biggest uses of the Internet today is for investigating family history. Another line of investigation might be to explore why so many crew of the United States were on board.

Aspect 3: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

There are many resources to be found in England which will offer further materials on the life of Nelson, including H.M.S.Victory and the Naval Museum in Portsmouth and the Greenwich Maritime Museum in London.
While our title looks at Nelson and his home county of Norfolk, this resource page concentrates on a visit to Great Yarmouth and resources to be found there. The Norfolk Nelson Museum can be the centre of research in the town, and it pleased to arrange for educational visits.
This section includes a downloadable video clip of a Nelson type ship in the river at Great Yarmouth.

Aspect 4: Nelson's Letters

Nelson wrote hundreds of letters, many of which survive to today. The author of Nelson - I too am a Norfolk man has used many of these letters as a source for information as he wrote the book.

A selection of his letters are provided from links on this page, so that you can see for yourself how the historian can use them - and think about how furutre historians might be able to write about your life.

Aspect 5: Ships' Logs

A ship's log is a day by day and sometimes hour by hour record of what a ship is doing and what is going on on board the ship. The book Nelson - I too am a Norfolk man has a page from the log of the Carcass, a ship which Nelson was on when he was 14 years old. From it we can tell something of his return from the Arctic to the coast of his home county. This resource has some extra information from the log and some questions whcih will help you think about it - and how we keep records today.