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Mr Marten's Travels in East Anglia

  1. Resource 1: Mr Marten

Resource 1: Mr Marten

One of Robert Marten's descendants has created the Morgan web site. On it you can trace family members through to the present day.

Robert Marten was married three times. On the occasion of his visit to Norfolk he was accompanied by his third wife Emma. Emma's picture has been passed down to the present day.

It is a pleasant addition to the splendid drawings from the diary itself. Found recently, on the back it is inscribed 'your affectionate mother', which is presumably addressed to her step-children, as she had no children of her own.

Another link of interest is the Newham Story, recalling Mr Marten's home area. It carries family stories, photos, videos and information on Newham today and in the past. The Buxton memorial in Newham and the Gurney family home of Plashet House in East Ham form a further link with Cromer and Norwich.