Maritime Videos

This page gives you access to some videos made over the years by Poppyland Productions. You can use them just for enjoyment or if you working in an educational context and you think they'll be useful to you, you can also access embed them direct from our PoppylandPublishing YouTube channel.

'Maritime Norfolk' and the chapter on Sheringham often refers to the splendid Mo museum. If you've been there, you may wonder how some of the boats were put into place - and this video from May 2009 helps answer that question. Click on VIDEO27 heads for the sea!

The text in the book refers to storms on the Norfolk coast. Clicking on VIDEO28 shows you something of what such storms can be like - this one was in November 2007 - though fortunately they are not often as bad as this.

The harbour at Wells celebrates its on-going work and its heritage at its annual VIDEO29. Our film from 2007 helps you see something of the activites of the occasion.

The VIDEO30 is now established as an annual event for Cromer and Sheringham, celebrating the current fishing and the heritage of that industry.