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  1. Aspect 1: The Ypres Salient
  2. Aspect 2: Arras and Vimy
  3. Aspect 3: Authuille Trench Map

Aspect 2: Arras and Vimy

This map will help you identify the position of some of the places mentioned in the book "Grandad's War - The First World War Diary Horace Reginald Stanley".

Sergeant Stanley was in Arras in 1917, serving with the Army Ordnance Corps. He took a number of photographs of the town. These are on page 61 of the printed version of his diary.

As well as his own service there, pages 7 and 69 of the printed version of the diary will help you understand why Arras had a particular place in his memory and does for his family today.

Later we know he was at Vimy Ridge, a few miles to the north. The photographs with the map show how the Canadian memorial there has kept a number of trenches to show something of what the area was like during the First World War. There are a number of features at the memorial which match up with Sergeant Stanley's description of living and fighting in the trenches.

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