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  1. Aspect 1: The Ypres Salient
  2. Aspect 2: Arras and Vimy
  3. Aspect 3: Authuille Trench Map

Aspect 1: The Ypres Salient

During the First World War there were three great battles at Ypres, as well as the continuous trench warfare. The third battle of Ypres is also known as the battle of Passchendaele. Sergeant Stanley served in the Cambridgeshire Regiment; in the first part of his diary he records some of the things that happened to him whilst involved in the fighting in the second Battle of Ypres.

This map will help you identify some of the places mentioned in the book, both from the front line of the fighting and towns and villages to where the troops were sent back for rest.

As well as the places mentioned in Sergeant Stanley's diary, the map includes a number of places mentioned in the book "The Cambridgeshire 1914-1919". By that time Sergeant Stanley was serving with the Army Ordnance Corps.

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