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The Commercial Life of a Suffolk Town

  1. Activity 1: Location of Framlingham Businesses
  2. Activity 2: Framlingham Census Analysis

Activity 1: Location of Framlingham Businesses

This page shows the locations of businesses in Framlingham, primarily in the early years of the 1900s.

The map makes use of the Google worldwide mapping system. In addition, overlays which use the Ordnance Survey map of 1904 can be turned on and off using the buttons bottom left.

Click on a marker on the map below for the information to be displayed here.

The use of geographical Information systems, from in-car navigation to provision of local information, is one of the fastest growing aspects of modern technology. In this instance, the latitude and longitude of each of the businesses is associated with the Google map and it plots each one accordingly. In the United Kingdom, we are used to using Ordnance Survey references, but these can be converted to latitude and longitude for international systems. Alternatively you can use a car, boat or hand-held GPS system to obtain a reference to use with the system.

Historians are just beginning to see the value of such systems in investigating the past and many more applications are sure to be developed.