Fishing Talk: The Language of a Lost Industry

As with most of our titles, these pages provide supplementary material to the book - in this instance, to go with Fishing Talk: The Language of a Lost Industry.

David Butcher's books are based on the extgensive series of recordings he made on tape in the 1970s and 1980. He questioned and listened to the fishermen, fish managers and the wives of the east coast fleets. The full collection of these tapes is now lodged with the Suffolk Record Office; in Activity 1 you have the chance to here a recording of Pakefield skipper 'Ned' Mullender, remembering the sinking of his vessel Eta. You'll find it transcribed on page 177 of the book.

Research Aspect 1: 'Ned' Mullender recalls the sinking of the Eta. The recording of the story of Ned's dream about the loss of the Eta is part of a longer interview telling the story of how fishing was carried out, some of the main catches and accounts of the skipper's who sailed alongside Ned, particularly those who kept the fishing going during hostillities.

Reseach Aspect 2: Adding to the Text As is often the case new ideas and new phrases came up after the book had gone to print. Here the author adds in some further expressions.