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  1. Aspect 1: The loss of the trawler Eta
  2. Aspect 2: More Fishing Talk

Aspect 1: The loss of the trawler Eta

Edward Mullender, better known as Ned, was one of the skippers who continued to take his trawler to sea during the Second World War. On the day that the Eta trawled up a mine which then exploded, Ned was unwell, at home in bed. But his mind was with his crew. This is his own account, as transcribed on pages 177-178 of the book. Author David Butcher is carrying out the interview; the transcription begins with a brief couple of sentences to put the interview in context and then uses Ned's own words.

Click below to hear Ned Mullender's extraordinary account of his dream on the night the Eta was lost.

Ned Mullender's story