The Towns of East Anglia

Welcome to the East Anglian Towns section of the Poppyland Publishing web site.

Poppyland Publishing and its associate company, Poppyland Productions, produce and market a range of books, DVDs, videos, prints and posters on the counties which make up the east of England, East Anglia.

East Anglia, the kingdom of the Angles - from which the word England comes - is one of the ancient kingdoms of the British Isles. It isn't a strict legal term and its boundaries have changed over the years, but today it is often thought of as Norfolk and Suffolk and sometimes includes Cambridgeshire and Essex.

We're using the map on the left of this page as our guide and we'll gradually be adding pictures and information from Aldeburgh and Great Yarmouth in the east to Royston and Spalding in the west.

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Whether your a resident of the region or a visitor, a local historian or family researcher, we're sure you'll find plenty of interest and we'll have books and DVDs off to you as soon as you place your order.

Just click on the town button on the left or one of the markers on the map below if you want a quick introduction to the history of one of the towns. We're adding more all the while, and planning lots more resources about the region.


Please note that the pages are an introduction to the history and geography of these town - we don't give and are not able to reply to specific enquiries about traders, transport and public information on these places. You will generally find Town Council and District Council sites which carry that sort of information.