Downham Market Tithe Map 1841

This page provides an overlay map of the Downham Market Tithe Map of 1841.

Tithe maps were produced by parishes as part of the process of tidying up the ancient rules of paying goods to the religious authorities; the process of commuting the payment from goods to cash mostly took place in the first half of the 19th century. In order to value properties and land, a map would be produced for the parish and an Apportionment, a document related by a reference number to each area shown on the map. For a summary description of Tithe Maps, see the Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia and for a more authoratative full description, consult the National Archives Research Papers.

You can see the original map from which this data were redrawn at the Norfolk Record Office at the Archive Centre in Norwich. You can also view it at Norfolk E-Map Explorer but the mapping of this area is a bit diffcult to find because the name 'Harleston' does not appear to be in the text base search facililty.

The overlay of the tithe dat should be accurate to 5-10 metres but there are problems associating historic maps with modern accurate mapping, so a degree of interpretation of matching up buildings and sites may be required.