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Ballad Scores

As you'll already have bought 'Doin Different', Gareth Calway's book of new ballads for the east of England, you'll have discovered that we've included various scores and chord settings for versions of the ballads. We're aware that if you're performing one of the ballads you might like to have the score in printed form or in PDF form for a tablet - so that's what we're providing here. You must of course have bought a copy of the book before your conscience will allow you do download these files - and for that matter, make sure that anyone you pass them to likewise makes their book purchase first. We know we can rely on you.

Here's Gill Sims McClennan's singer's full score for The Ballad of Fiddler's Hill. It will appear in your browser as a PDF file, which you can then save separately as required. In the book this is on pages 102-104.

And from page 12, this is the The Ballad of Fiddler's Hill melody line, with the chords.

On the next Resource page of this web site (click in the left column for the Lynn Carol page) you'll find three very different versions of 'A Lynn Carol', as on page 98. If you like Gill Sims McClelland's score for the ballad, it's here at A Lynn Carol.

On page 34 you'll find 'The Ballad of William Sawtrey' and the score contributed by Vanessa Wood-Davies' is at Farewell William.

Tim Chipping's contribution to go with page 44 can be found at The Ballad of Kett's Rebellion.

Pages 62-64 feature 'The Ballad of Fanny Burney' and Vanessa Wood-Davies setting is found at The Ballad of Fanny Burney.